Childbirth Education Certification

Yes, we did it! After 5 years of weekly requests, we have our signature CBE course ready for late Spring 2018. As you know, we believe how you do your business is your business, but guidance is key! So, we have made a full curriculum for you so you can launch your personal CBE program that is interesting, engaging, interactive, personalized and has your students raving about you and your brand.

We have compiled all the favourite elements (as well as ones we wished we had learned) from the many CBE courses and programs we have taken to make a super course that is diverse, inclusive & evidence-based. 

You will finish this certification with a full 6 week course that is ready to teach! Have a specialty that you would like to include? You can add it to your outline so your CBE program will have your unique touch!

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The bebo mia CBE course will cover:

↣ How adults learn (and more importantly how to keep them engaged)

↣ Interactive ways to teach the different elements of a CBE class

↣ The hormones involved in labour and birth as well as the nervous systems and the Fear – Tension – Pain cycle so you can create the possibility of a positive birth during your CBE course.

↣ How to market your other services during your six week CBE session (without being a creep!)

↣ and soooo much more!

We will offering this course in 6 modules of awesome!

  1. Psychology & hormones of birth,
  2. Interventions in birth,
  3. Navigating the hospital system,
  4. The postpartum period,
  5. Adult learning principles,
  6. Teaching & marketing your classes.

We firmly believe that through understanding the biology of fear and the perception of pain, we can create better and more positive birthing outcomes for participants in your CBE class. You will learn the international best practices versus what is the birth practice/culture in North American hospitals – this will arm birthing people with the information to navigate our health care systems. You will have the skills to facilitate the conversations around fear and birth – where did this come from and what does it negatively do to the birth experience? 

**Being a doula or birth worker is a pre-requisite for this course.**

Not yet a doula?

We can bundle your doula training and CBE course with bebo mia’s Maternal Practitioner Training. Hold on to your hats all, it is going to be a super fun ride! Our 6 week online course will get you and your business ready to teach the most kick-ass CBE classes for your clients. Email our awesome Admin, Kelly, to get your bundle discount instructions (!

Teach private or group classes to your expecting clients!

Best part of teaching CBE classes?! You build trust around you and your brand so you can get doula clients from your class participants – they will want to hire you after falling in love with you and your awesome program!

Join us to get certified as a bebo mia trained CBE!


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Class 1: Psychology and hormones of birth

We will explore language used when teach CBE courses to be inclusive and to avoid perpetuating fear-based terms and ideas. The is lead into discussing the hormones in labour and how your classes can decrease fear in labour and birth. This is allow you to set up your clients for the best birth for them.

Class 2: Interventions in birth

This class  will look at intervention-free birth as well as the interventions that your clients may be faced with. You will be able to arm them with the real facts ahead of time, so if they are faced with decisions in labour, they feel confident with the information. We will also look at mindfulness during suggested interventions or complications.

Class 3: Navigating the hospital system

Class 3 will explore the political and social birth climate right now so that you can prepare your CBE students for working with their practitioners and birth facilities. We will talk about body autonomy, BRAIN, the birth team and birth planning. We will also look at homebirth and the research around this option and the needs that you clients may have when birthing at home.

Class 4: The Postpartum Period

We will explore how your clients may feel about their birth experience and how that ties into parenting. The importance of bonding and what to expect in the early days will be talked about. You will learn how to set your clients with partners up to have a successful relationship after baby comes.

Class 5: Adult Learning

We will get you confident with how adults learn and how to teach all types of learners. You will find some wonderful tools, games, activities and demonstrations to clearly communicate your CBE messages to your students. We will also look at the importance of class environment.

Class 6: Teaching & Marketing Your Classes

You have so much wonderful information to share! Now you need to fill your classes… We will teach you how to structure and market your classes to ensure that you have a profitable and solid CBE program.