Do you want to ensure that your birth & parenting business is inclusive to all families and you are not sure how?  Doulas, medical practitioners, and counselors often want all their clients to feel safe and included, but are worried about saying the wrong thing or feel uncomfortable taking a clear position on social justice issues.

The Diverse Families Certification program can help with that.  It was designed to support service providers who want to learn how to be an effective ally and create communities that are welcome to everyone.  By the end of this course, you will:

  • Feel confident discussing race, class, sexual orientation, gender, ability, body size, and family structure.
  • Understand the biggest issues marginalized communities face related to birth and parenting.
  • Learn how to embed a cultural humility model into your business.
  • Get clear on how to create marketing materials that speak to your target market while being inclusive.

Course Starts June 4th, 2019

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bebo mia inc has teamed up with Olivia Scobie and a team of collaborators to support you in answering the questions that you have never been totally clear on. Creating a safe space, we will cover topics such as the 3 big ‘isms’ as well as some of the lesser know ‘isms’. No longer will you worry that your marketing materials will alienate people you do not intend to exclude from your business. You will feel more confident working with the many shapes and sizes that diverse families come in.

What will we cover?

We will look at class, family structure, race, LGBTQ+, ability, body positivity, and so much more…

Grab this course in the Resourceful Doula Bundle to save! 

Olivia Scobie (M.A., MSW, RSW, MSP) is a therapist, doula, and founder of Postpartum Support Toronto. After beating PPD/PPA twice, she became a staunch advocate for reducing perinatal mood disorder stigma and breaking down barriers to support for marginalized groups. Her specialties include postpartum resilience, birth trauma, queer parenting, and incarcerated mothering.

Grab this course in the Resourceful Doula Bundle to save!