DIY Make This Uterus A Cuterus

Posted on December 15th, 2018

Bebo Mia Cuterus CIYMake this uterus a cuterus; No doula office is complete with out some birthy art on the walls and what’s more ‘cuterus’ than a uterus in your work space?

A special DIY for work from home birth nerds that is low cost, easy, and FUN to make, here is what you need to create your very own Bebo Mia Cuterus.

Make This Uterus A Cuterus:

  • Download and print Bebo Mia’s Cuterus Printable HERE ( Bright white card stock works best.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • String
  1. Print off the cuterus printable.
  2. Cut out your favourite bits.
  3. Layer and glue bits together to give your Cuterus eyes + ovaries + other fun things (make sure to draw on a mouth, too! You can also get REALLY crafty and make your own little extras to personalize.)
  4. Write an inspirational birth biz word you want to focus on for 2019 in Cuterus’ banner.
  5. Poke two holes on the top of the circle and loop string through so you can hang your Cuterus in your office!

2019 Affirmation Word Bebo Mia Cuterus


That’s it! Some quick and simple art just for your office!

Let us know in the comments below what your 2019 birth biz word of the year is and make sure to have your Cuterus ready for our Doula Holiday Office Party for your chance to WIN a prize!

Doula Holiday Office Party Bebo Mia




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FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

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