bebo mia’s DON’T Doula-it-Yourself (DDIY) Mentorship Program

We remember leaving our doula training and thinking ‘well, what do we do now?’.

All we wanted was someone to take us by the hand and show us the steps we needed to take to get our business off the ground. We reached out to so many seasoned doulas but very few were willing to share their hard earned secrets.

Now, nearly a decade later we love working on our business. We grew from nothing to thriving doula agency, became owners of Canada’s first Pre/postnatal Fitness Company, and started our own Doula Certification.

Somewhere along the way new doulas started asking us about getting their business started and a lightbulb went off. WE could be that helping hand we searched for all those years ago. Not only that, but we flippin’ love watching new doulas and birth professionals thrive without the messy start.

Now we have an online business mentorship community that makes it easy for new and seasoned doulas to jump in and start feeling supported in their work and business.

We know the issues with being a doula; lack of time, on call schedules, and limited budgets.

We wanted our Don’t Doula-it-Yourself Business Membership to fit into your schedule, make it easy to participate on your own time, and most of all, be affordable. This membership gives you the hand holding (and cheerleading!) you need to feel confident in your business.

So what’s included? 

  • 8 essential ‘start up’ videos that will help you with your business planning, getting more clients, business operations, branding/messaging, SEO/blogging and goal setting!
  • New training videos added frequently, topics decided by you, for you!
  • Worksheets/graphics to keep you organized and focused.
  • Live group training sessions each month so you can get your specific business questions answered.
  • Mentorship from the gals at bebo mia (masters of marketing & finance!) – We are never more than a tag or email away!
  • Exclusive private Facebook group for peer support.
  • Free directory membership.

This membership is not something that will create more ‘work’ for you! We get it, you have a family, you have clients plus all the other things that come up in your week. These trainings will help you create a more organized schedule so you can save time while growing a business that takes care of you and your family!

This business mentorship is unique because it is created by doulas FOR doulas! Email us if you have questions.

“So many good things have been happening since training with Natasha & Bianca! Just this week alone we have signed 3 doula clients, two encapsulation and a pool rental! Plus set up a couple events, rented a space for classes and started advertising for our prenatal crash course that begins soon! Eek! 2016 is going to be a busy year if this keeps up, thanks for all the help Natasha & Bianca and of course everyone else in the community! ”

– Amanda Wiebe, Yellow Bird Birth

Course Benefits

Just by signing up for the DDIY membership you are making the two biggest (and often overlooked) steps towards a thriving business:

  • Hiring your own business coach.
  • Surrounding yourself with likeminded women.

Just imagine having…

  • clear cut systems for client intakes and interviews
  • simple business planning tools & budgets
  • a plan for creating balance between work and life
  • a brand that showcases your value and attracts your perfect client
  • an easy to follow marketing plan that truly works
  • a website that compels your perfect client to contact you
  • the confidence to charge what you are worth without feeling ‘yucky’
  • a consistent income (you can even get paid while you sleep!)
  • 100% support and guidance as you create systems and build your business
  • a business that supports your clients and your family!


“Having the ability to learn, grow and develop my business through bebo mia has been the best learning experience as I start my new career. I loved being able to learn from the comfort of my home while having the constant support. You will be in good hands for the best education and business support, I am truly honored!”

– Erica Ash
Birth Doula/Blogger Everything Mom and Baby

“I was so impressed with the way Bianca & Natasha supported us beyond the classroom even before I began the course, answering my endless questions, then afterwards, providing advice and guidance for dealing with clients and business related issues. Their passion for all things pregnancy, birth and business is not only obvious, but contagious which makes them
great teachers and mentors!”

– Dena Poole
Birth/Postpartum Doula Mama’s Heart Doula Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My doula business is just a side to my main ________ business (fill in the blank of what that is here), I am not sure if I want to invest in my doula business when I make more money with my other business.

Great question! We have heard this from Massage Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Naturopathic Doctors and more. We understand that your doula business is just a revenue trickle into your bigger business pot, or maybe it is just a way to get clients in the door for higher profit services. Whatever it is, our answer is the same: the tools, business systems, lessons, and best practices you learn in the DDIY membership are applicable to any business! This would not be an investment JUST into your doula business, but rather to any entrepreneurial venture you undertake.

Q. What happens if I have to miss the live Masterclass (or two or three – you know…doula-ing)?

We record everything for you! Worried that you will miss the Q&A too? You can ask your questions ahead of time and we will answer them on the live call for you; OR you can ask them on the Facebook group and we can all chime in with help, thoughts, information, and support for you.

Q. I’m worried that I will be overwhelmed, I am already struggling to balance everything – including a life on-call!

We get it! We have been there. The best thing we ever did during peak overwhelm was: take a breath, ask for help, and get support setting up systems to help you work smarter, not harder! We still have an advisor that holds us accountable to getting our outlined tasks done in the timelines we are committed to; all the while having our little ones around. We will support you in getting where you want to go and we will help you put things down that are just keeping you stuck and busy.

Q. I feel like all I do as a doula is take course after course. I spend more money on my business than I make!

We have been so guilty of informational debt, however, we also know that this particular course offers an amazing return on your investment! We want you to go with your gut! There have been courses that we signed up for in the heat of the moment, that may not have been a great use of our funds. We have also purchased courses (even when we knew it would stretch us to the max) when our gut told us that it would move our business in the direction we wanted it to go in! In fact, our two biggest leaps in our business history were after buying 2 different online business programs! DDIY Membership will help you get clients, which will make you more money, which is exactly what you need!

Q. I just finished my training, I don’t even have a website yet, will this course be over my head?

You will get so much out of this course! This course is for those of you in this boat and all of the way along the spectrum to doulas that are ready to expand their practice. The great thing about the program is that the group is broken down so you can do the baby steps through it, at your pace. This will allow you to just jump in where you are and go from there.

Q. I work in a collective, can we take this course together?

Yes! If you are all working on one business, jump in together and build the best darn collective out there!


Q. I am in, 2017 is MY YEAR!!! How do I register?

WooHoo! This one is easy. Just click here to register! Welcome to the 2017 membership!

FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

Ever feel like you are finding out about different birth and postnatal important dates too late, like when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and notice your doula friend's memes?! I know we felt like that alllll the time. So, we put together a FREE tool that has all the year's industry dates to remember!! Notice one that you think should be included? Let us know and we will add it for 2019. 

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