bebo mia Maternal Support Practitioner (Doula) Training

The most comprehensive combined fertility, birth & postpartum doula training!

This is not just a doula training, this is a community. Our 12 week + bonus class course covers fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period as well as business. We do not just teach you all the skills you will need to be an awesome Maternal Support Practitioner (aka doula), we will also support you while you set up your business. We have a private Facebook community with peer & instructor support that is there for you 24/7.

At the end of the certification process you will be certified as a fertility, birth and postpartum doula! We believe that each stage, from pre-conception all the way through to the first 6 months of life, are so interconnected that they should be taught together.

The program is taught live and online.

This means you can do the course anytime, anywhere. 

You can login and catch the class broadcasted live on Thursday nights or you can watch the recordings from your private desktop whenever you have time to fit it in. Yes, that means no childcare costs and you can do the whole course in your PJs! You will have lifetime access to the training, so you can complete it as it fits into your life. 

We have designed the course for all learning types so you can read it, watch it or listen to it.

Next session starts March 2018.


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Let’s have the money talk…

We want to support you in achieving your goals! To make the training more accessible, we have financing plans available. There are small financing fees if you choose to go this route. Completing your payment plan is required.

We are so excited to support you while you invest in yourself, your education and your career! 


*ALL pricing is in USD

Each session bebo mia creates the opportunity for no & low income women to register for the Maternal Support Practitioner Training through the scholarship program. The Fall 2017 program had two additional sponsors which meant two more women received full scholarships in addition to the four awarded by bebo mia. Hip Mommies & Sleep Belt generously donated tuitions for the Fall session!  Want to learn about our recipients? You can check out some of the winners on our blog if you search the term ‘scholarship‘. Want to be a sponsor so that you can create the possibility for continuing education and a career for a low income woman? Check out the application here.

Our Instructors:

It takes a village of amazing women to support you through your education and business creation!


What is in the program?

Week 1: What is support and why are we here?

  • Discussing informed consent for your birth clients.

Week 2: Fertility

  • Issues, etiquette, tests and treatments

Week 3: Anatomy & physiology of pregnancy

  • Stages and phases of labour
  • Pregnancy screens tests and procedures

Week 4: Tests & Procedures

  • Physical wellness for pregnancy and parenting
  • Monitoring and interventions in labour and delivery

Week 5: Comfort measures and positions for labour and delivery

  • Massage for labour
  • Breathing techniques for labour

Week 6: Special Circumstances, Fitness & Pelvic Floor Health

  • Pre & postnatal fitness
  • Protecting the pelvic floor
  • Special circumstances in labour and delivery

Week 7: Epidural & C-Section birth

  • Deep dive into labours and minimizing side effects

Week 8: 3rd Stage of labour,  Prenatal Appointments, Birth Plan, PP follow up, Affiliates

  • Building your community
  • Wrapping up birth care

Week 9: Postpartum Care

  • Newborn and Mom care

Week 10: Science of Infant Sleep, Mental & Physical Healing

  • Sleep education
  • Types of sleep programs
  • Parenting styles
  • Comfort measures to soothe a cranky/tired baby
  • Maternal mental wellness
  • Postnatal Plan

Week 11: Baby Wearing & What is in your doula bag

  • Attachment parenting
  • What to pack for client care

Week 12: Business of Being a Doula

  • Paperwork, client care, prenatal/postnatal appointments
  • How to interview to get the job/selling yourself
  • Life as a doula


Frequently Asked Questions

↣ I have a busy work schedule, little kids, and ____ (fill in the blank with all the other things you have going on in your life), is this training possible?

Great question! Yes, you can definitely work this training into your busy life. How? It is all online and the live sessions are recorded so that you can watch them at your convenience. No babysitter needed, not travel time to account for, just you at home, your PJs, and your computer.

↣ What happens if I have to miss a class (or two or three)?

We record everything for you so you sit back, relax, and watch the classes at your own pace. Of course we love to have a full group of women in the live classes to ask questions, you can always ask your questions via email or on our private online community.

↣ I keep Googling doula organizations and I do not know which one is the best?

Well, we did that too! And back in the day we took all the trainings they offered! We created our training to ‘fill the void’ that we were left with after our weekend training. We had no support, no community, and no business knowledge. We have created our program to ensure you feel taken care of every step of the way. Not only that, but our training is the most comprehensive out there. It goes from fertility through to the postnatal period, so that you can work in any area of maternal health!

↣ I am terrified as heck to attend my first birth or work with parents for the first time, will you support me through it?

Yes, of course! We offer so much support for you as you start doing your client care. We are on the private Facebook group, we are available via email, and we have created a community of dozens of bebo mia trained doulas that are there for peer support. Bonus: we liaise with many social agencies that need student doula support, so we will even try to help you get your first clients!

↣ Many of the doula organizations do their training live in the flesh. Why would I do yours online?

Well, there are so many perks to doing it online! While lessons stream live every Thursday for the 13-week course duration, they are also recorded and made available to you at any time that best suits your schedule. This means you can go at your own pace, without feeling rushed or stressed out with deadlines. As busy women ourselves, we understand that we all have so much on our plate, and we are proud to offer this type of unique flexibility.

And let’s not forget the convenience of online training. No transportation costs, no expensive books to buy, just an intensive and comprehensive training program lovingly taught by knowledgeable, experienced professionals. We have crafted a live, interactive program that brings you all the information, strategies and skills you need to become an amazing doula. Our open-door policy creates intimate, communicative relationships with each of our trainees. Our availability and thorough approach make for an innovative experience that combines technology with up-close and personal, guided learning.

↣ What is the difference between the Self Study Doula Training (SSDT) and the Maternal Support Practitioner Training (MSPT)?

The SSDT allows you to start whenever you feel like it in the year! Don’t want to wait for the September class to start (you’re keener, we get it!)? You can just begin your program whenever you want. The classes are recorded and waiting and your notes and slides will all be on your private desktop. The main difference is you will not attend the live sessions, and that is where the savings comes in.

↣ I SO SO SO want in, but finances are so tight!

We have 3 payment plans to make it really affordable! We also offer a special circumstance payment plan with proof of income. Please contact our lovely administrator Kelly ( to see if you qualify.

↣ But even so, your training seems to be more expensive than the others.

It is, but for good reason. When you train with us, you get certified as both a birth doula and a postpartum doula, plus you get training in starting your business. In the end it works out to be less than the other guys (and that is before you work in added costs of gas and babysitters!).

You can check out our full outline in the Course Timetable section above to find out just how much we pack into your 12 week training.

↣ I am in, 2017 is MY YEAR!!! How do I register?

WooHoo! This one is easy. Just the payment buttons on this page to register! Welcome to the Class of 2017!

Certification Requirements

↣ Must be 18 years of age

↣ Complete bebo mia’s 12-week Maternal Support Practitioner training.

↣ Complete the requirements within 24 months of starting the course *special permission required for exceptions  

↣ Read all books on bebo mia’s Mandatory Reading book list.

↣ Choose 5 books to read from the Optional Reading List and provide a book review of 2.

↣ Must hold current CPR certification (infant, child and adult) and re-certify bi-annually (every 2 years) from any First Aid & CPR training provider.

↣ We recommend you attend breastfeeding basics workshop (20 hours) OR the 20-hour WHO course – bebo mia provides the Breastfeeding Educator Certification that will meet this requirement. 

↣ Read and sign the bebo mia Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

↣ For those with a focus on Postnatal support – Requirements:

    • Attend 6 postnatal shifts – minimum 4 hours each
    • Must service 2 different families minimum; an evaluation form needs to be filled out by the mother or partner of each family
    • Attend 1 births and submit birth summary worksheets.

↣ For those with a focus on Pregnancy & Birth support – Requirements:

    • Attend 1 postnatal shifts; minimum 4.
    • Attend 3 births – minimum 50 hours attending and supporting labour/birth cumulatively
    • Volunteer births receive one prenatal visit. Paid births receive two.
    • Must remain with mother to provide immediate postpartum care for at least 90 minutes
    • Only 1 birth may be an ELECTIVE Cesarean Section
    • Must complete the labour summary form provided by bebo mia
    • Each summary form has to be reviewed and signed by the nurse, midwife or GP who attended the delivery when possible
    • An evaluation for for each birth must be filled out by labouring woman or support person/partner

↣ For those with a focus on Fertility support – Requirements:

    • Attend 6 fertility consultation/meetings/appointments – minimum 1 hour each
    • 10 hours minimum phone and email support
    • Must service 4 different families minimum; an evaluation form needs to be filled out by a parent of each family
    • Attend 1 birth and submit birth summary worksheets.

↣ Complete bebo mia final examination with minimum 85% grade for passing from all cumulative marks.

Recertification Process

We are the only training organization that does not require you to pay a re-certification fee. We feel that this fee should be a part of your tuition. We do have a re-certification process though. Our re-certification is required every 24 months from the date of certification, not course completion.

What do you have to do to re-certify?

↣ We request a brief reflection and analysis essay (min. 750 words) based on your previous 2 years of practice. We are looking for you to highlight challenges, successes and areas for development. Please reflect upon previous re-certification essays, if applicable, when writing your reflection piece.

↣ The re-certification fee is included in the cost of the course.

↣ We suggest that you update any changes you may have for your *FREE* alumni directory listing as well.

↣ We recommend that you join our monthly membership for ongoing business and doula support.

↣ You must ensure that your CPR certification remains up-to-date.

Code of Ethics: Maternal Support Practitioner (MSP)

Whom This Code Applies To:

The MSP is someone who has met all the requirements for certification as outlined by bebo mia inc. and has agreed to practice in accordance within the guidelines set out in the bebo mia inc.

MSP code of ethics

The MSP code of ethics describes the context for practice and the ethical principles that are expected to be adhered to. The code of ethics includes a description of the relationship between the MSP the person or persons who are being supported as well as other members, formal and informal, of the support team, the scope of MSP practice and the values that the MSP demonstrates in her/his daily practice.

Principle Guidelines for MSP Practice

The MSP practice is built upon four basic principle for providing support; accountability, integrity, respect and community. At the core of these is the ability of the MSP to establish a collaborative relationship with the person or persons who are being supported, regardless of the length of time in the relationship. In order to best facilitate this, the relationship must therefore be built upon these guiding principles.

The MSP also recognizes and respects the importance of other individuals in the life of the person who is being supported.


The MSP is an independent contractor as well as a member of the bebo mia inc. brand. The MSP has completed the necessary academic requirements for certification and is committed to maintaining their professional development through continuing education, affiliation with relevant organizations and inter‐professional associations.

The MSP recognises that they are not called upon to make healthcare decisions as a function of providing support. They understand and accept that their scope of practice is restricted and limited to providing non‐therapeutic physical, emotional and educational support. The MSP may only support clients who are also under the care of a health care provider, such as an OB/GYN, GP or midwife. They may not support unassisted deliveries.

Advocacy is an important element of support but within the MSP scope of practice this is limited to advocacy for access to the essentials that the person/s being supported requires in order to make informed decisions. The MSP therefore does not advocate on behalf of the person/s being supported but rather supports that individuals ability to advocate for themselves. This advocacy support is achieved through the use of but not limited to; conversations around the wishes and expectations of the person/s being supported, creation of a birthing plan, relevant childbirth education and access to evidence based research and/or resources.

It is never in the scope of practice for a MSP to speak on behalf of the person/s they are supporting. The MSP does not provide or participate in any medical activities. The MSP does not perform or prescribe any therapeutic treatments or remedies. The MSP also does not criticize or demean the other members of the support team (formal or informal) who are involved with person/s whom they are supporting. Nor does the MSP question the veracity or validity of a procedure or treatment recommended by the other members of the support team (formal and informal) who are also involved with the person/s they are supporting.

The MSP at all times acts in the best interests of the person/s who is being supported.

The MSP provides support within a framework of shared accountability and recognises that their actions impact not only upon the person/s being supported but also upon the profession as a whole.


The MSP does not misrepresent themselves either in their actions or their situation. They do not behave in a manner which misleads others or deliberately provokes misunderstanding. They maintain respectful and professional behaviour towards other members, both formal and informal, of the support team.

The MSP recognises and accepts that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions and refrain from indulging in any real or potential conflict of interest.

The MSP acknowledges responsibility for confidentiality regarding the information which the intimate nature of their work exposes them to. The MSP respects the rights of the person/s being supported and does not share personal and/or private information about them. The MSP also respects the privacy of the other members, both formal and informal members of the support team.


The MSP supports the choices made by the person/s whom they are supporting. This support includes ensuring that the person/s receiving support, have access to the most up to date, evidence based resources. The MSP does not impose their own beliefs or judgment on the choices made by the person/s who are being supported. Neither does the MSP allow their own beliefs and/or perspectives to interfere with the quality of support they provide.

In recognition of the diverse nature of person/s who request support, the MSP supports and

promotes awareness of diversity of needs and how these needs can be met. The MSP also practices and supports acceptance for diversity in lifestyle and perspectives.

The MSP endeavours to ensure that whenever and wherever possible, the person/s being supported, receives information and resources which are appropriate to their level of comprehension and in the language of their choice.


The MSP recognises and supports the roles of other members, both informal and formal, of the support and health care team. The MSP works in adjunct to others providing professional support within their scope of practice. The MSP practices and promotes safe working habits which meet or exceed the highest industry standards. The MSP ensures that their own actions reflect current best practices and do not put anyone, including themselves, at risk.

The MSP maintains a commitment to professional development and regularly participates in activities which enhance skill level, knowledge and proficiency within the scope of practice.

I, _____________ (name of applicant) have read the bebo mia inc. MSP Code of Ethics and verify that I understand the principles included in it.

I hereby commit to practicing in accordance with this Code of Ethics. _______________(signature)____________(date)

Grievance Committee Process:

bebo mia inc inc. committed to training high quality doulas and we recognize that there is conflict between doulas and their clients and community members and in order to protect  our maternal support practitioners (MSP) as well as the families and community they serve we can created a bebo mia Grievance Board and complaints process.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to article bebo mia’s position on client grievances and outline the procedures for the complaints process.

Scope: This policy applies to all clients or community members in a paid, contractual relationship with a bebo mia certified Maternal Support Practitioner graduate.

Policy Statements:  

    1. Any client or community member in a contractual relationship with a bebo mia Maternal Support Practitioner graduate can lodge a complaint to the bebo mia grievance committee if they have witnessed or been impacted by a maternal support practitioner has violated the bebo mia inc. Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice
    2. An objection that doesn’t violate the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice shall be a complaint and we will still review and discuss with the MSP in question, although they will not be treated as a grievance.
    3. All documents, information, findings, and sanctions regarding complaints shall be kept confidential.
    4. The bebo mia Grievance Board shall consist of four health care providers that are not employed by bebo mia inc.


Filing a Complaint

    1. Client or community member in a contractual relationship with a bebo mia Maternal Support Practitioner graduate wishing to lodge a complaint shall submit the grievances in writing to the bebo mia grievance committee.
    2. The complaint shall be made within six months of the incident and include the following information:
      1. Name of the MSP
      2. The location and date(s) of the behavior(s) in question
      3. Detailed the account of the event(s) or behavior(s) in question (including your signature)
      4. Written statements from any witnesses (including witness signature)
      5. And any other pertinent information.
    3. The bebo mia grievance committee shall respond to the complaint within 30 days. If they require additional documentation, the complainant has an additional 30 days to file requested information.
    4. Incomplete grievances, vexatious grievances, or false grievances policy shall be dismissed.

Complaint Response

    1. Upon receipt of a complaint, the bebo mia grievance  board shall review the grievance and forward a copy of the completed complaint packages to the MSP in question.
    2. The MSP in question shall have a chance to respond with counter statement and evidence.
    3. Once information pertaining to the complaint has been collected from both parties, the bebo mia grievance board shall review the information and come to a conclusion as to whether or not a violation  of the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice.
    4. Decisions shall be made by using a balance of probabilities. The findings of the complaint are final and any resulting action shall be sent to all parties with 30 days.
    5. All documentation related the the complaint and its findings shall be kept by the Chair of the bebo mia grievance board for one calendar year.

Please email the Head of the Committee Olivia Scobie at


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