bebo mia eco baby certification

How do I answer my client’s questions about green living?

There is so much noise out there about ‘green living’ and it can feel overwhelming to pick through all the information and find what is actually potentially harmful for our little ones.

This 4 week self-study certification will help you attract the eco- & health-conscious parents who are looking for guidance and support in choosing more natural products for their baby. Your role in helping parents understand what to expect when baby arrives puts you in the perfect position to provide clarity and help ease the stress many parents feel around finding non-toxic products.

4 Module Self-Study – Available to start now – Register today!

We get asked all the time about: 

↣ What kind of detergent is safe to use?

↣ Eco diapers are so expensive! Does it actually make a difference for my baby?

↣ How do I select a crib mattress to decrease the risk of SIDS?

↣ Is there any difference between the different baby skin products?

Parents are wanting natural options but don’t know where to look!

The Eco Baby Certification will differentiate you from others, positioning you as a one-stop wealth of information for the growing number of parents looking for natural options for their baby. You can use the information as part of a nursery set-up or registry set-up service, or simply to answer questions as they come up with your clients.

This certification provides you with the tools to help parents feel empowered to make decisions that are right for them. You will be able to answer their questions with confidence and in a manner that won’t make them feel afraid of the information.

FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

Ever feel like you are finding out about different birth and postnatal important dates too late, like when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and notice your doula friend's memes?! I know we felt like that alllll the time. So, we put together a FREE tool that has all the year's industry dates to remember!! Notice one that you think should be included? Let us know and we will add it for 2019. 

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What do we cover?

This 4 week Self-Study program lets you go at your own pace!

↣ Class 1What is an Eco Baby?

  • Things to consider when working with ‘green’ parents
  • How to talk about green, eco-friendly & natural options
  • What is ‘Greenwashing’?!

↣ Class 2 – Natural Baby & Mama Care Products

  • What’s in conventional products (lotions, soaps, sunscreens, etc.)
  • Why do ingredients matter in pregnancy & for baby?
  • How to read labels

↣ Class 3 – How to Set Up a Healthy Nursery

  • Safe materials
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Paint & Decor
  • Cleaning Products

↣ Class 4 – How to Set Up a Green Baby Registry

  • Budget-friendly tips
  • Buy now vs buy later
  • Online retailers

Plus loads of great resources!


Let’s meet our experts!

Emma Rohmann is a mom of two young children, environmental engineer and green living consultant. Through her business Green at Home, she delivers seminars, workshops, and consultations to help families and businesses go green, simply. Since 2015, Emma has been recruited by the David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green Coaches teamEcoParent Magazine as their Homes Section Editor, Think Dirty as a Clean Beauty Champion, and Robert Shad Naturopathic College Fertility and Reproductive Health Clinic as guest lecturer. She is also a contributor with Green Moms Collective and runs the Green Product Forum Facebook Group.

The girls of bebo mia will be co-facilitating this program with Emma. They will bring their years of experience working with new and expecting parents to hold your hand through applying the content to your business.  Bianca & Natasha will bring their years of teaching to make this course as interactive, fun and full of information as the many other bebo mia programs.

Bianca Sprague Natasha Marchand

Course Requirements:

↣ Complete weekly quizzes

↣ Complete an independent social/mixed media project & email to Emma – she will tell you if you can post it or not for certification. Details will be outlined inside the course.