Fertility Specialist Certification

With 1 in 5 couples experiencing fertility issues, now is the time to connect and support these families trying to conceive.

Register today for the session starting February 19th, 2019.

As a specialist you will have the knowledge to facilitate the many stages of (in)fertility → from trying to conceive (TTC) for 6 months all the way to years of unsuccessful IUI & IVF procedures. You will also understand the latest in reproductive science and the bodies psychophysiological response to stress and how that impacts fertility.

Who is this course for?

This online course is designed to offer a deeper understanding of the (in)fertility journey for people TTC. This specialization is a great fit for a Fertility Doula, Yoga Teacher, Therapist or Counsellor, Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist or any practitioner that wants to provide more services and support to people trying to conceive.

Having the understanding of the emotional experience of fertility at all stages will set you apart from other practitioners for people who are TTC.

Want to facilitate a support group in your community?

We will help you do that! You will be creating that safe space for people TTC where they can process their infertility journey. That is an invaluable addition to your community.

We will also teach you the curriculum needs for a 6 week fertility mind & movement course that will give you the tools you will need to educate students on how to overcome barriers within their body. In this program we will look at fertility in a holistic way including nutrition, movement, mental wellness, meditation, and more.

Want to be a Fertility Doula?

Yes, you can do this in this course as well! We have added a special module to get you ready to support fertility doula clients! Already a fertility doula, then you can complete the Fertility Specialist Coaching component only.

Already a yoga teacher?

This online course will provide a Fertility Yoga Certification!

If you are not a yoga teacher, we have two streams in the course! We will go over the elements of movement for fertility with non-yoga teacher participants.

Join us in February 2019!

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Class 1: Mind & Fertility

What came first, stress or infertility? We will talk about the autonomic nervous system and how you can support your clients in staying in the parasympathetic (versus sympathetic) nervous system to support fertility. This will be a deep dive into hormones and the nervous system for fertility.

Class 2: Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology

We will look at the male and female reproductive anatomy and what can go wrong. Common tests and treatments will be explored as well as miscarriage and early loss.

Class 3: Understanding Your Clients

Infertility is a challenging experience to say the least. It is important that you understand this experience and we will help you with this, especially if it in not your lived experience. We will look at the history of infertility as well as the impact, etiquette, and slang/resources your clients will be using.

Class 4: The Tools

Class 4 will be full of tools to use in your infertility programs and support groups. We will teach you: mindfulness, meditation. breathing techniques/spa treatment, subconscious deep dive and more.

Class 5: Putting it together

We will wrap up with the how-to’s for facilitating a group class and/or support group. This portion is key for growing you fertility services.


For those certified to teach yoga, you will receive a fertility yoga certification and it will be an additional class on top of the 5 classes in the core program.

Fertility yoga component/stream for certified yoga teachers includes the above training, plus:

– Modifying poses for different stages of the menstrual cycle
– Modifying poses for different stages of IVF or IUI
– Creating sequences that enhance fertility, relaxation, and blood flow
– Cueing for mindset and suggestibility