This is not sleep training, this is sleep education!

When you work with new parents & babies you get sleep questions.
Lots of them.
We want you to have all the answers!

You will not be learning how to shape new babies to fit into lives and schedules. Instead, you will be learning the science behind infant/maternal sleep and with this information, you will develop the tools needed to create balance around those facts.

You will be creating a space for mothers and partners to follow their instincts when it comes to their new baby, which will allow them to set the stage for optimal brain development. We want to spread the word that babies wake up through the night, and for good reason. We want to share the other side of the sleep story!

And, you get to absorb all of this information at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

So, how do we, as health professionals, normalize infant sleep biology while fostering healthy and safe sleep habits for the entire family?

We change the conversation, we change the expectations.

6-Week Online Training
Begins February 2020

Pre-recorded classes are released on Sundays & Wednesdays
***Includes BONUS business session!***

We want to offer you an early adopter price of $1000 off (true story!)… This is the lowest the course will ever be! 

Questions? Contact us anytime:

You will complete this training fully equipped to support:

  • Understand the neuroscience/science/biology of sleep in infants and adults
  • Understand how parenting, daytime and nighttime, influence attachment style, infant mental health, brain development
  • Learn how sleep training and sleep promoting methods might risk or nurture brain development/ mind-body health.
  • Learn a spectrum of nurturing techniques to promote sleep in infants.
  • Learn techniques to understand and support caregivers.
  • Learn to create personalized plans to support infant and family sleep.

amanda weibe“I was beyond impressed with this training. I told my partner yesterday I would have paid double! 

I am excited to implement each part of it into my business and there has already been a difference in turning inquiries into clients. My goal was to grow my practice to 3 clients per month and we just signed our 5th!” 

Amanda Wiebe 
Yellow Bird Birth


noreen utriProfessional. Personal. Dynamic. Educational. Motivating. Inspiring. Precise. Valuable. Encouraging. Supportive.

These are just a few of the words that I can use to describe my training with bebo mia! 

Noreen Utri
Heart to Heart Doula Care


marissa bolanos

Oh man! What a game changer!

These ladies are incredibly professional and inspiring, they are SO FUNNY and friendly. Their approach to success is based on excellence, hard work, and kindness, never competition or nastiness.

They walked me (and continue to do so) through every step of the way so that I could see my business thrive. Don’t miss the chance to work with these badass, inspiring women!

Marissa Bolaños 
Womb Revolution

What does the training include? 

  • 12 video modules, bonus videos, checklists and worksheets.
  • Fully customizable course curriculum for group classes, including a complete slide deck.
  • Consultation/family plan packages, including our ‘so that’ formula to uncover the root of your clients’ problem(s).
  • Bonus business class to help you market your specialty to those who need it.
  • Private support group with resources and hand-holding as you work towards certification.

We want to offer you an early adopter price of $1000 off (true story!)… This is the lowest the course will ever be! 

Why work with us? 

bebo mia has been working with new families and training new professionals for nearly a decade…

Shortly after we began working with parents and new babies we noticed a trend – our clients were struggling to find the answers to their most-obsessed-over sleep questions. There was a ton of conflicting information out there and they had no idea know where to start or who to listen to.

They were exhausted, they felt like bad parents because their baby wasn’t a ‘good’ baby that slept through the night. Many of them turned to sleep training books or experts, even though the advice they were hearing didn’t feel right for them and their family.

We wanted them to know there was another option out there for them, we wanted them to know the latest research around infant sleep.

We teamed up with Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum – the first Neuroscience Doula!

She has taken the old bebo mia sleep course and is totally overhauling it to bring you more of everything! More research, more tools and more ways to support families in your community!


We are beyond excited to lock arms with YOU, to be part of a revolutionary new way to serve tired families around the world.

Certification Requirements

↣ Must be 18 years of age

↣ Complete a bebo mia Sleep Educator Certification training.

↣ Read all books on required reading book list and provide a book review of 2 books ​from the list.

↣ Complete the Final Assignment ­ Case Study and achieve a minimum grade of 85%.

↣ Actively participate in private Facebook discussion group and model respectful, non­judgemental and caring dialogue.

↣ All requirements must be completed within 24 months  *special permission required for exceptions.

↣ Sign the Scope of Practice for the Sleep Educator Certification.


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