Occupational Therapist/Sleep Educator


Occupational Therapist/Sleep Educator

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  • Heather Boyd is an Occupational Therapist who focuses on identifying health and environmental barriers to sleep, and educating parents about biologically-normal attachment-based infant and child sleep development. A compassionate and family-centred therapist, Heather has experience working with families who are struggling with typical developmental sleep challenges as well as families challenged by reflux, prematurity, and other health issues. Support and validation of parents’ efforts, and reassurance are key components of her work. She works with families across Ontario through her tele-practice.

  • Phone No: 905-749-8254
    Job Title: Occupational Therapist/Infant Sleep Educator
    Business Name: Heather Boyd, O.T.

    Infant and child sleep consultations are available across Ontario by phone and video. Home visits and clinic appointments are available within Niagara. Heather also provides assessment and recommendations regarding feeding, play, and infant development. Heather takes a family-centred, evidence-based approach to support the sleep needs of all members of the family. By taking a strength-based perspective, and an attachment-based, evolutionary view of sleep and child development, Heather meets families where they are at, and works with them to move towards goals that reflect a family's values. Fees may be covered by a family's extended health benefits for Occupational Therapy.