Bianca Sprague


Bianca Sprague

Doula Category: Birth/Labour Doula

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  • Bianca Sprague’s passion for the birthing process began in 1988. In 2006, as she prepared for the birth of her daughter, her personal research reignited her earlier passion and led to her current career path. Knowing how overwhelming (and flipping exciting) birth can be, Bianca will hold your hand through the whole process. Bianca is trained and certified in many facets of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. With a background in psychology, Bianca focuses on the psycho-emotional aspects of the birth experience, an area that is frequently overlooked, but will affect every family at some point during their labour and birth. She understands that the birthing family needs to feel safe, respected and cared for in order for labour and the birth of their baby to progress smoothly.

    Bianca has supported over 160 people through their pregnancies, labour & deliveries and postnatal period. Impressively, Bianca has a 5.3% emergency cesarean section rate out of all the births she has attended, much lower than the 30% rate in most Ontario hospitals. As a Doula Trainer, Bianca has a lot of tips and tricks to support you through this exciting time (including a TENs machine – which you can talk about with her at your consultation). She feels comfortable working with families of all shapes and sizes, so reach out and book your consult with her today.

    As DoulaCARE’s Volunteer Coordinator (2008-2010), she ensured doula support for pregnant people, a significant number being teens, around Ontario who would otherwise be alone during their labour, birth, and postpartum period. Liaising with public health nurses, social workers, Children’s Aid workers and other social agencies, Bianca works to provide the best volunteer doula care for these parents and families. Bianca is also an awesome quad-skater and is a retired derby player from the Toronto All-Star Team, the GsTARs.

    SERVICE AREA: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

    RATE: $2579+HST for full service labour doula package, please contact for her other services.

    NOTE: Bianca only books 2 – 3 birth clients per year, so email to find availability.

  • Qualifications: bebo mia program creator & instructor
    Phone No: 416.826.6403
    Job Title: CEO, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, Doula Trainer, Business Consultant
    Business Name: Bebo Mia

    Labour doula services: available to 2 - 3 clients per year.