Rhiannon Langford


Rhiannon Langford

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  • Rhiannon is a full-spectrum doula, maternal support practitioner, and fertility coach with a passion for empowering parents-to-be. After a career in the non-profit sector, she found her calling in birth work while working on a maternal mental health series with the BBC. Helping her clients become the boss of their parenting journey gives her LIFE.

    She is a BeboMia Maternal Support Practitioner and a certified Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula. A lifelong learner, she is always interested in gaining new knowledge to support a range of birthing people, taking courses in topics such as essential oils, prenatal nutrition, and crystal healing.

    Her philosophy has been deeply influenced by her study of women’s health & birth justice during her postgraduate studies at Columbia University. It is her intention to help her clients feel strong, safe, informed, and empowered, no matter the path chosen for their birth experience. She is all about keeping it real with moms and dads by bringing judgment-free support, knowledge, and a bit of laughter into the birth/postpartum space.

    As a Full-Spectrum Doula, Rhiannon offers care to all types of parents – from fertility to postpartum, and everything in-between. To learn more about Rhiannon and her services, please visit The Birth Boss.

  • Job Title: full-spectrum doula & fertility coach
    Business Name: Birth Boss Maternity Care

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