Everything you need to know to be a work from home mom...

Does this run through your head from time to time, or all of the time?

  • Childcare costs a small fortune
  • I love being able to drop off & pick up my kids from school
  • I want to be home with my little one & also build a career around my schedule
  • I love having a successful career & I want to be my own boss

We get it.

We have been there. Having a baby, or babies, can shift us in a way that we never thought possible.

Imagine this…

↣ Your work day starts and ends (and maybe even starts again) whenever you want it to

↣ You are free from those awful “mom-guilt” feelings (for the most part)

↣ You are a part of a community of strong and powerful women who are supporting one another to make a difference in thousands of families’ lives

↣ You love what you do so much that it doesn’t even feel like “work”

↣ You are running your household and your own business; look at you, you’re a mompreneur, you’re practically running the world!

This could be you!

Passionate about birth & babies?

The bebo mia doula training is like nothing out there! It is a comprehensive 12 week training that certifies you in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care. Best part? We offer mentorship and business support built right in so you get to do the work with families that you love and you will feel confident within your business.

Add the BEST childbirth education class to your service menu…

Expecting families need evidence-based support and education. They need to understand why we think birth is scary and how to stop that cycle. By understanding the biology of fear and the perception of pain, we can create better and more positive birthing outcomes for participants in your CBE class. You will learn the international best practices versus what is the birth practice/culture in North American hospitals – this will arm birthing people with the information to navigate our health care systems. Plus, your class will be fun as heck! 

Supporting those trying to conceive.

With 1 in 5 couples experiencing fertility issues, now is the time to connect and support these families trying to conceive through facilitating your support group or by running mind and movement fertility courses. The bebo mia Fertility Specialist Certification is a wonderful addition for a fertility doula or other fertility or wellness practitioner.

Sweet sleep…

When new parents started coming to us years ago they had the same complaint, they wanted more sleep but did not like the sleep training options that were on the market. We designed an Infant Sleep Educator Program that trains you in all facets of newborn sleep so you feel confident helping parents with their sleep plans. You will also complete the course with all of the materials you need for your business, including the slides and notes to offer prenatal sleep classes as an add-on to your business.

Safely supporting women in prenatal & postpartum fitness.

If you are working in the fitness field and juggling your busy life  you can easily program this certification into your schedule! Watch, listen or read on your mobile device while you travel between clients and within a few weeks you can be confidently and safely working with your pre- and postnatal clients. If you do not currently work with this population, you can expand your client base and dramatically increase your revenue.

Breastfeeding Educator Certification:

Inspired by the World Health Organization’s 20 hour breastfeeding course, this ONLINE certification gets you ready for all the questions you will get as a birth and parenting professional. This training is ideal for prenatal & postpartum fitness experts, doulas, childbirth educators, sleep educators, massage therapists, nurses, and anyone else that is working with expecting and new parents.

Building an inclusive business.

Do you want to ensure that your birth & parenting business is inclusive to all families and you are not sure how?  Doulas, medical practitioners, and counselors often want all their clients to feel safe and included, but are worried about saying the wrong thing or feel uncomfortable taking a clear position on social justice issues.

The Diverse Families Certification program can help with that.  It was designed to support service providers who want to learn how to be an effective ally and create communities that are welcome to everyone.

Holding your hand through your business!

The bebo mia Don’t Doula it Yourself Business Membership is a wealth of information, business consulting and peer support. With your membership you will receive access to the Doula Business School, monthly open Q&A sessions with the owners, the private Facebook community & monthly master classes plus more! We cannot wait to see you there!

Your doula business in a box.

We know that there are some aspects to starting your business that can feel overwhelming! We get asked all the time about what should you talk about in prenatal appointments or what is included in a doula contract. We have gathered all the documents that you will need to run your doula business and we have put them together so that you have one less thing to worry about. All the documents are unbranded and editable so you can tweak them to reflect you, your business and your brand.

We want you to know that you can raise your family & grow a business at the same time! And we want to support you by providing you with the educationtools you need to thrive!

I wish I could really put into words the effect that the wonderful women behind bebo mia has meant for me and my business. Last year I did the Doula Business School course. In that time, my business has grown from just me, to a team of 5 birth and postpartum doulas offering a good variety of services. So far in 2016, I have made double what I did in 2015 and it is only August and I am earning about what I did when I was working for someone else. Of course I put in a lot of work, but if it wasn’t for Natasha and Bianca, I don’t know if my business would have grown as it has. They have helped me stay really focused on my goals and helped me see clearly how to achieve it. There is still a lot of growth to be had but right now, I’m just so happy of the progress that has been made. Thank you Bebo Mia!

Samantha Garcia Gagnon

The Maya’s Nest

Honestly, thank you SO much for your help. You guys are so invaluable, it’s crazy! I don’t think I could put a price on your mentorship through growing my business!

Toni Botas

Bien Aime Doula Care