Scholarship Winner: Army mama of two with huge goals!

Posted on March 24th, 2016

Brittany Kolodgie Doula


Meet Brittany – A retired military mama who is a single mom of two with huge goals with her scholarship! 

Hello! My name is Brittany, and I am one of the scholarship winners. First off, I am so blessed and honored to have been chosen. Right now, I just couldn’t afford to pay for the training, and so as a single mom struggling to make ends meet as it is, this is truly a life changing opportunity. Speaking of my children, I have two beautiful little toddlers. They are the one (well, two…) thing that keeps me going and I am so happy to be their mommy.

Caleb is two years old and spunky as heck! He is definitely a two year old! He’s Brittany Kolodgie Doulaconstantly keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. Riley is my little princess. She is 1.5 years old and she is such a diva! She does NOT take after mommy, (or daddy for that matter). She is a lot like her aunties (From both sides) and ironically she is a twin to my sister. They look identical. Isn’t it funny how genetics work out?

I spent five years of my life in the Army. That’s where I met my children’s father. I got out medically and even though I don’t think I could handle being a mommy and being in the Army, I miss it A LOT! Shortly after giving birth to my son, I realized that I wanted to empower women (thru breastfeeding). And then after having another medicated birth with my daughter (and unable to afford a doula), I wanted to empower them thru birth (and beyond). Recently my husband and I split up, and I moved 3.5 hours away to a pretty unfamiliar territory to have some assistance with my babies. I just got my own apartment, and times are really tough. I’m an army veteran & that’s about all I’m surviving on right now is my benefits. I am seeking work (right now getting my CNA license), but going to school and furthering my education is so important to me. If I continue my lactation consultant route, the VA won’t pay for doula training and I want it. So bad I can taste it.

Brittany Kolodgie DoulaAlthough I’d need to make some sort of money (income) id work with people. I know that the cost of a doula was a deterrent for me because, I couldn’t afford it. I would work with anybody who needs to. My end goal is yes, I need to pay bills however, and I want to let all women have choices. I want to be there for those who have no one else. I want to do great things and not see this as “a job” but I want to show people I truly care and will do everything possible to prove it. Doula/birth photographer/lactation consultant. I want it all! Ha ha. But seriously, I want to be a voice for women. I want to let women know they have a choice! I want to do great things and change society.

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FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

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