Scholarship Winner: A Mama Bringing the Community Together

Posted on September 21st, 2016



Hi everyone!

My name is Brianna. I live in beautiful Nanaimo, BC but am originally from Montreal, QC. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl named Ayla who is 2.5 years old now, she keeps me very busy! We love spending our time outdoors hiking, swimming exploring and being with family.

I’ve always known that I wanted a career that had to do with birth, babies and helping women but I wasn’t quite sure what that it was for me. I then had a wonderful doula for the birth of my daughter, and we became very close. To me, she was part of the family and I trusted her and felt so comforted having her there to help me through my daughter’s birth. It became clear to me then that I wanted to be a doula myself. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect career for me; being able to support families during the most exciting times of their lives and seeing new life come into the world?! Amazing.

I researched many different online doula certification programs, but bebo mia really connected with me! I wasn’t sure how I was financially going to make it work, but I focused all my spare time envisioning my career as a doula and knew that somehow I would make it happen. We had a bit of a tough year, we were living in New Zealand with my daughter’s father who I then quickly split up with and chose to move home to BC. Needless to say, it was a tough transition suddenly becoming a single parent especially considering I haven’t worked in 3 years. It has been a struggle, but I am huge believer in positive thinking, setting goals and having the support to make those goals a reality.

When I heard that Bebo Mia was offering a scholarship, I applied immediately. I felt so excited that I could possibly have help realizing my dream! I knew there were many people applying from all over North America, so I wasn’t counting on it but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t apply. I cried (many) tears of joy when I received the email that I was one of the winners. I am feeling SO full of gratitude and love, I’m just overjoyed. It will be an exciting, fresh start for Ayla and I, I can’t wait to get started!

I plan to continue my education over the years and eventually become a midwife as well as a doula. A big goal of mine is to be able to one day open up a holistic women’s health centre, partnering with other practitioners (midwives, herbalists, naturopaths etc.) and also have it be a birthing centre. I want to use this education I will have to support women in my community and bring us all together. I think women are the most amazing and powerful beings, and when we work together we are unstoppable!

Thank you Bebo Mia for supporting me on this exciting journey!


Love and light,

Brianna Beadle

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FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

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