The Ultimate Social Media Calendar for Doula Awareness Days!

Posted on November 13th, 2017

doula awareness days

How many times have you woken up in the morning only to find it is World Breastfeeding week or worse World Doula Week and you had forgotten all about it? Next step is, of course, to frantically start making/finding content to start sharing on your blog and social media channels so your birth/baby business can be part of the conversations.

We know this story well. We have done it a few times ourselves over the years. Always wanting to learn from our mistakes we now spend a few days at the beginning of the year marking these important dates on a calendar so that we never have to panic again (well, about that!). It has been such a helpful tool for us we wanted to pass it on to you!!

So, here it is, The Ultimate Social Media Calendar for Doulas & Birth Workers…with a FREE calendar download!

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Month of January: 

January 1st – New Year’s Day

It may be a slow time for service requests and purchases as many people have spent a lot of their budget over the holiday. January is the perfect time to get some content up on your blog/social media and get people pumped up for the New Year ahead. It is a great time for new starts so contests and challenges that are unique to you are perfect. Some ideas could be 5 ways to get more sleep in the New Year or 5 ways to be 100% prepared for birth could also be great during this time of year.

Top hashtags for New Year’s Day: #newyearsday #resolution #happynewyear #___daychallenge

Make your own: #


Month of February: 

February 12th – Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness

Last Wednesday – Pink Shirt (anti-bullying)

If you are a doula that has a special interest in reproductive health or sexuality then this month is a good time to get started on awareness in this area. In Canada, the event extends the whole week and srhweek is pretty darn cool!. If you work with children/families that are a little older, or diverse families, you might want to start creating campaigns to show everyone wearing their pink shirt on the last Wednesday of the month for anti-bullying. Pink Shirt Day is generally celebrated in Canada, October is National Bullying Awareness Month in the US!

Top hashtags for Pink Shirt Day: #stopbullying #positivity #advocate #PinkShirtPromise

Top hashtags for Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day: #srhweek #OurHealthOurRights #SexualHealth #ReproductiveRights

Make your own: #


Month of March: 

March 8th – International Women’s Day

March 21st – World Down Syndrome Day

March 22nd – World Doula Day & Spring Equinox

March 22nd – 28th – World Doula Week

This is obviously a huge month for doulas!! Here is some fun information for you:Word Doula Day is on March 22nd each year, which is also the Spring Equinox (return of fertility in many cultures) and the beginning of World Doula Week. It is important to note that World Doula Week has a new theme each year, so make sure you are following the event on Facebook so you can get some posting inspiration. The theme for International Women’s Day also changes each year so check in here when the time is right!

Top hashtags World Doula Day/Week: #WDW #WorldDoulaWeek #DoulasBenefitEveryone (will change next year)

Top hashtags International Women’s Day: #InternationalWomensDay #iwd #rights #everyday #WomensMarch #BeBoldForChange (will change next year)

Make your own: #


Month of April: 

All Month – Cesarean Awareness Month

April 2nd – World Autism Day

April 10th – Siblings Day

April 22nd – Earth Day

Last Week – *National Infertility Awareness Week (USA)

April is another big month for those of us who work with mothers. Not only does it include National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) for the US, it also includes International Cesarean Awareness Month (ICAN)! Earth Day, Siblings Day, and World Autism Day are also good to note and add to your editorial calendar depending on how/if they fit into your business or into your personal life (yes it is totally ok to write about your personal life!!).

Top hashtags for Cesarean Awareness Month: #ICAN #NationalCesareanAwarnessMonth #csection

Top hashtags for National Infertility Awareness Week: #NIAW #1in8 #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek is #infertility #infertilitysucks

Make your own: #

Month of May: 

All Month – *International Doula Month

All Month – Mental Health Awareness Month

First Week – *National Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

First Wednesday – World Maternal Mental Health Day

May 5th – International Day of The Midwife

May 6th – *National Day to End Bullying (USA)

May 7th – Nurse Appreciation Day

2nd Week – *National Inftertility Awareness Week (Canada)

2nd Sunday – Mothers Day

May 15th – Kangaroo Care Day

May 17th – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

May 28th – Multiple Birth Awareness Day

May 28th – International Day of Action For Womens Health

There is much to celebrate and be conscious of during the month of May. Depending on your business and the causes you support, there is a ton of room for education and awareness on important topics like women’s health, aboriginal rights, homophobia, mental health, and infertility. We will also be celebrating doulas, nurses, midwives, and mothers during the month of may, and don’t forget twins & kangaroo care!!

Top hashtags for Maternal Mental Health Day: #PMAD #maternalMHawareness

Top hashtags for International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia: #idahot =#idahobit #genderequality

Make your own: #

Month of June: 

All Month – Pride

June 5th – World Environment Day

June 6th – International Homebirth Day

3rd Sunday – Father’s Day

Last Monday – Sunday – World Continence Week

Of course, pride month is one of our favorite months over at bebo mia, anything that honors inclusivity and promotes love is worthy of a huge celebration with us. We also celebrate homebirth and all those who support and care for moms as they birth in the comfort of their home. If you work in prenatal/postnatal fitness you may want to jump into the World Continence Week conversation and raise awareness for pelvic floor health, there is a new theme each year.

Top hashtags for Pride Month: #lgbt #pride #love #lgbtq #loveislove

Top hashtags for World Continence Week: #leakface #incontinence #worldcontinenceweek #pelvic floor

Make your own: #


Month of July: 

July 1st – Canada Day

July 4th – Independence Day (USA)

3rd Week – Everybody Deserves a Massage Week

July is a slow month for pregnancy/birth/parenting related celebrations so we included Everybody Deserves a Massage Week for our RMT doulas. RMT doulas provide incredible care for pregnant bodies  and new mom’s everywhere, and of course we can include this shoutout to all of those who offer hands on love during births. And don’t forget baby massage!!! Canada Day and Independence Day also fall in July; great day to show some love for your country, or raise awareness around health care in your country and how we can make it better!

Top hashtags for Everybody Deserves a Massage Week : #everybodydeservesamassage

Make your own: #


Month of August:

All Month – Family Fun Month

1st Week – World Breastfeeding Week

August 12 – Middle Child Day

Last Week – Black Breastfeeding Week

Because it’s summer and many families are on vacation or at least taking a bit of a break, it is a good time to post fun family activities. Both for the outdoor days and the rainy indoor days. Many families may also be looking for a way to keep their kids entertained for the final weeks of summer vacation. World Breastfeeding Week also comes in August giving us a chance to support and promote breastfeeding and the impact it has on the world, you can learn more here. Did we forget something? 😉

Top hashtags for World Breastfeeding Week : #worldbreastfeedingweek #liquidgold #normalizingbreastfeeding #badassbreastfeeder

Top hashtags for Black Breastfeeding Week: #betonblack #blackbreastfeedingweek #blackwoman

Make your own: #


Month of September: 

All Month – International PCOS Awareness Month

All Month – Baby Safety Month

First Sunday (after labor day) – International Grandparent’s Day

Sept 15 – Neonatal Nurses Day

Sept 16 – Step Family Day

Sept 29 – National Coffee Day

Celebration and awareness days start to pick up again in September so the “slow” summer months could be an excellent time to prepare/create your campaigns for the last few months of the year. We are certainly big fans of National Coffee day (well most of us at bebo mia), parents love coffee, and there are other really important days here too. If you are working with baby proofing or car seat safety this is a good month to share some tips and tricks. If you work with Fertility you can raise awareness around PCOS, maybe even share some stories of women who have been affected.

Top hashtags for PCOS Month: #pcos #pcosfighter #pcosawareness

Top hashtags for Coffee Day: #coffeetime #coffeeshop #nationalcoffeeday #coffeequotes

Make your own: #

Month of October:

All Month – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

1st Week – *National Midwifery Week (USA)

1st Week – International Babywearing Week

1st Week – World Breastfeeding Week (Canada)

Oct 15 – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

October is another big month for those who work with new parents and parents of pregnancy or infant loss. There are quite a few awareness weeks during the first week of the month so we recommend picking one that you or someone you really care about connects to most and focus solely on that so that you can knock it out of the park and impact awareness. I bet you have noticed that there is another World Breastfeeding Week, this one is typically celebrated by La Leche League Canada.

Top hashtags for Pregnancy And Infant Loss Awareness Week: #1in4 #rainbowbaby #pail #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #captureyourgrief #infantloss

Top hashtags for International Babywearing Week: #internationalbabywearingweek #ibw2017 #threadedtogether

Make your own: #


Month of November: 

All Month – International Adoption Awareness Month

1st Week – *National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (Canada)

November 17th – International Prematurity Day

November 20th – International Children’s Day

November 25th – Elimination of Violence Against Women

There are a lot of important awareness days in November including the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women and International Children’s Day, a day to promote togetherness and improving children’s welfare. Down Syndrome Awareness Week is one of the 52 weeks of the year that we encourage the inclusion and celebration of people living with Down Syndrome. International Prematurity Day raises awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families, it might be a great day to shout out to some past clients who have ‘been there’ (with permission of course’ or share great informational posts); the colour for this day is PURPLE!

Top Hashtags for Down Syndrome Awareness Week:  #SeeTheAbility #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness

Top Hashtags for Adoption Awareness Month: #adoptionawarenessmonth #lifetimehealingadoption (this one has a photo contest!)  #adoptionrocks #adoptionislove

Make your own: #


Month of December: 

December 1 – World AIDS Day

December 3 – International Day of Disabled Persons

December 10 – International Human Rights Day

Yes we know that December is a huge month for holidays and because there are so many religious and spiritual holidays that are unique to each person and their beliefs we have left them out of this editorial. We urge you to fill in the blanks to add what holidays are important to you, and if your beliefs are also important to your business, we urge you to post about them. There are also some other, very important awareness days here too, including days that are important to supporting diverse families, such as International Day of Disabled Persons and International Human Rights Day. HIV & AIDS impacts families globally and as we learn more about preventing transmission through conception and birth, we can slowly remove the stigma for parents living with this virus by celebrating World AIDS Day.

Top Hashtag for World AIDS Day: #letsendit #worldsaidsday #WHO #sexualhealth

Make your own: #


*National is country specific, International is worldwide.

There are holidays and awareness days that differ from country/province/state – it’s a good idea to add to your own editorial calendar. We left blank spots in the printable below!!

This calendar will definitely make it easier to plan and schedule your social media so you can be part of the conversation! We know that there are TONS more days to be celebrated throughout the year and we would love to hear from you – is there a day that you feel is important that you didn’t see on here? Tell us in the comments and we’ll make sure we add it!



FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

FREE TOOL: Be in the know for all the doula 'birthy' days!

Ever feel like you are finding out about different birth and postnatal important dates too late, like when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and notice your doula friend's memes?! I know we felt like that alllll the time. So, we put together a FREE tool that has all the year's industry dates to remember!! Notice one that you think should be included? Let us know and we will add it for 2019. 

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